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Evidence That Just Two Hours of Cell Phone Use Causes Brain Damage

Popular Science Mag Covers Cell Phone Link to Brain Damage

The dangers of cellular phones have been out for years now. This is just one of a list of hundreds of studies and articles compiled in an archive (

A Swedish study links mobile phones to brain damage.
Popular Science Magazine, February 2004

Researchers at Sweden's Lund University say these rat-brain cross-sections show first-ever evidence of brain damage from cellphone radiation.

While the controls (example, top) appear healthy, the test subjects (bottom), which were exposed to a 2-hour dose of cellphone radiation of varying intensities, are heavily spotted with proteins (dark patches) leaked from surrounding blood vessels, and show signs of significant neuronal damage.

Here is a powerful high-quality presentation you should see to learn more about cell phone radiation, electropollution, and the easy solution to protecting ourselves and our loved ones from these risks:

Watch this short flash video to easily understand the full health effects *and the solution* to cell phone radiation and all invisible electropollution:

Other studies or articles about cell phone risks:

Cell Phone Headsets "Emit More Radiation"
Yahoo.News (UK&Ireland) - April, 2000 (

Cell Phone Radiation May Cause Visual Damage
IsraCast Technology News, July 2005 (

REFLEX report shows that mobile phone radiation damages living cells
The REFLEX project , December, 2004 (

U.K. Gov. Bans Cell Phones in All Schools
The Sun, UK Press Sunday, November 2003 (

Cel phone convenience or 21st century plague?
Earthpulse Press, July 2004 (

Children’s Advocates Ask Congress to Investigate Marketing of Mobile Phones to Kids Progressive Newswire , July, 2005 (

Limit cell use: Health officer - Long-term phone risks
TORONTO STAR, July, 2005 (

You Don't Deserve Brain Cancer-You Deserve The Facts
Coastal Post , March, 2005 (

Studies have shown numerous biological effects from cell phone radiation
TORONTO STAR, July, 2005 (

Late Lessons from early warnings - Concerns about popular wireless devices
TORONTO STAR, July, 2005 (

Can we reduce cellphone risk for kids? -Other countries take precautions
TORONTO STAR, July, 2005 (

Even low-level radiation has cancer risk, scientists say

Is her cellphone safe? Some scientists trying to find the answer say they've been pressured to soften controversial findings
TORONTO STAR, July, 2005 (

What Cell Phones Can Do To Youngster's Brain In 2 Minutes
U.K. Sunday Mirror, London, April 1, 2004 (

RF radiation linked to Autism in children
Research Study

Robert C. Kane, Ph.D., February 2004 (

Mobile users are advised to keep their calls short
EveningTimes, London, April 30, 2004

WHO Invokes Precautionary Principle For High and Low-Frequency EMFs
Microwave News - March/April 2003 (

Headaches from Mobile Phones: French Scientist Offers Mechanism
Microwave News, November/October 2001 (

Maximum EMF Exposure Emerges As Strong Miscarriage Risk
Microwave News, May/June 2001(

1993 FDA Memo Data "Strongly Suggest" Microwaves Can Promote Cancer
Microwave News, May/June 2001(

Cell phone Industry Fails to Halt Suits
Health Issues

November 2005 (

Click here ( to find even more articles, and go to BioPro Technologies Website for Product infomation on how you can use new technologies with your cell phone and other electrical devices, to keep yourself safe from the harmful radiation. Go to and click on "products" to learn more.

click here for a list of articles about cell phone safety:


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